Hotel-restaurant in Saint-Malo with sea view

Les Charmettes combines the unique charm of two listed 19th-century villas with the conviviality of a family home. Our hotel restaurant in Saint-Malo with sea views embraces the gentle way of life of the Breton coastline and the authenticity of the coastal village where it is located. In this haven of peace, share suspended moments as you gaze towards the horizon and build magical memories with your family, partner or friends.


The sound of the waves lulls you to sleep at Les Charmettes hotel

Located opposite the large Sillon beach in Saint-Malo, Les Charmettes hotel offers an exceptional setting for travellers looking to recharge their batteries in the fresh air. A few steps separate you from the grains of sand, and the spectacle of the tides unfolds before your eyes as the hours pass. That's what you come here for, to be soothed by the picture painted every day by nature, whose colours change season after season. From sunrise to sunset, the unobstructed view of the infinite blue accompanies your moments of relaxation.


But our hotel restaurant in Saint-Malo with sea views has more surprises in store for you. The architecture of our two 19th-century villas gives them an undeniable allure and charm. They catch the eye of passers-by as they walk along the waves on the seafront promenade. Step inside and you'll discover a warm, welcoming atmosphere that exudes hospitality and conviviality. Here, exchange, sharing and simplicity are the watchwords. Travel souvenirs and works of art dot the rooms, inviting you to escape and discover the artists close to the owners' hearts.


Just like the hotel, the rooms are cosy and comfortable, real cocoons in which travellers enjoy relaxing. Each room is individually decorated, some with attics, others with pretty balconies, and each has its own identity. What they have in common is their comfort and calm.

The hotel restaurant in Saint-Malo with sea views

Our hotel restaurant in Saint-Malo with sea views invites you to enjoy breakfast in the room reserved for this special moment, at first light. A buffet of local and seasonal produce awaits those with a sweet tooth, set against a magnificent landscape.


Later, when the sun is at its zenith, the restaurant terrace opens its doors to onlookers and hotel residents for lunch. On the wide beach of Le Sillon, meals have the flavour of holidays and the smell of travel. Enjoy our cuisine with your eyes on the horizon and your feet in the sand. The menu features a selection of homemade dishes based on the riches of the sea and local produce. Brittany and further afield inspire the chef to develop inventive and creative recipes. Fancy a seafood platter? Order it 24 hours in advance and enjoy the freshly caught, iodised flavours in the most typical surroundings. Our bar is also located outside, so you can enjoy a drink in a relaxed atmosphere: the ideal place to admire the sunset!


The water sports and cultural activities in and around Saint-Malo will make your stay as enjoyable as it is exciting. From the hotelYou can reach the historic centre and its iconic cathedral by taking a pleasant stroll along the coast.

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