Saint-Malo and the surrounding area


Dinard is a magnificent seaside resort just a few kilometres from Saint-Malo. It is also one of the oldest seaside resorts in France. It certainly owes its status to its proximity to Paris, as it is only 400 km from the capital. It's a lovely place to walk from the hotel, then take the ferry from Dinan harbour. You'll be seduced by the typical blue-and-white striped cabins lining the town's superb beaches. A stroll along the Promenade au Claire de Lune, adorned with exotic plants and sumptuous villas clinging to the cliffs, is a must-see. If you're a keen cyclist, there's sure to be a route to suit you in this Emerald Coast town.

Don't miss the Saturday morning market and the central covered market, or the late 19th-century Anglican church of Saint-Barthélemy on avenue Georges Clémenceau. Don't hesitate to push open the door to discover the unique atmosphere of the place, visit some of the twenty or so art galleries that Dinard has to offer and indulge in a spot of shopping in the historic heart of this small town.


This charming fishing port is punctuated by the comings and goings of oyster farmers on their way to work on their oyster beds. The port of La Houle is bustling from morning till night with restaurants and terraces. Renowned for its flat and hollow oysters, the tradition is to buy them at the oyster market (the only one in France) and then taste them directly in the harbour. 


If Cancale has earned this reputation over time, it was already supplying the royal court with stuffed fish a few centuries ago. It has since been named a "Remarkable Taste Site". Cancale is also famous for its AOC mussels, its coastal paths leading to the Pointe du Grouin opposite the Ile des Landes, and a bird sanctuary that is home to a large colony of crested cormorants, oystercatchers and Belon shelducks.


Among the must-sees are the Roellinger spice tour on rue Duguesclin, a mille-feuille at Grain de Vanille and a stroll along the coastal paths of Port Mer.

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Mont Saint-Michel

The "Wonder of the West", Mont Saint-Michel stands at the heart of an immense bay invaded by the highest tides in Europe. It is one of the region's most distinctive monuments, and one that many tourists enjoy visiting. As spectacular as it is rich in history, the Mont has to be earned and its life is punctuated by the tides. You'll discover a variety of landscapes depending on the level of the ocean or the time of day, as well as all the stories that have made up its legend since the 8th century.

Because it never ceases to amaze and surprise with its beauty, at Les Charmettes we love to take the scenic route along the bay from Cancale to rediscover the feeling that time has stood still in the face of the immensity of these places.
Our recommendations include crossing the bay barefoot from Le Mont or Le Vivier sur mer to find yourself in a silvery desert facing the elements, the sky and the earth, or in the traditional fisheries. We also recommend rediscovering this mystical and majestic abbey on summer night-time walks. A light show, often musical, a magical moment and another way of experiencing Mont-Saint-Michel.


Dinan is a medieval town that stands out for its authenticity. With its narrow, cobbled streets and timber-framed houses, this small town is full of charm and is sure to capture the hearts and eyes of its visitors. It is still surrounded by ramparts, 2.7 km long, making it the longest ramparts in Brittany. To come to Dinan is to plunge into a bygone era and discover a picturesque old town.

Further inland than the other towns mentioned, Dinan offers a different but equally beautiful landscape. Its port and river Rance make Dinan a must-see in the region. For protection, the fortified town is set high above the harbour. Here you'll find the castle and the famous clock tower, the highest point in the town, offering a magnificent view.

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