This is the story of a meeting of women, friends of friends, who all live here united by their artistic vocations. They share a passion for objects and for creating unique pieces.

Hotel Les Charmettes is the common thread in this story, and we love these women for who they are, for the things they make, and for their sensitive simplicity that is food for the soul. Discover our favourites which decorate our house: drawings, objects, furniture, and photographic works by selected artists and artisans from our region. You can order them from the hotel and take them home with you. We do not take commission on the sale of the objects on display, and the money is forwarded straight to the artists.



Christine, creator of “Vent de Voyage” in St Malo, transforms the sails and spinnakers of boats into ornaments to decorate interiors and exteriors.
You might be sitting on a bright lamp stool, the table runners that will dress your furniture, the weathervanes that indicate the wind direction above your heads… Stylish, and very functional.



Malouine adoption, Graphic artist & fashion designer, offers souvenirs of St-Malo, on unexpected supports like graphic & colored kitchen towels. Holiday memories are modernized and used daily.



She left the East where she was born to live in St Malo. A ceramicist, she harnesses earth and recycles materials to make pretty boxes, cups and teapots with natural colours and minimalist lines.
Alongside this, Laure offers lessons in throwing pottery. Suffice to say that at Les Charmettes we’ve tried it, and it’s a real pleasure!


Elisabeth de Gipsyplaid

Since a little girl Elisabeth knits and sews with passion. After making her own doll ‘s clothing, she created her first cover to celebrate her brother’ s birth, she was only 9 year’s old ! Since then, she has pursued her passion for fabrics, wool and color. Her plaids and bohemien –Gypsy inspired vintage covers are for sale, and displayed on the sofa in the Charmettes’ bistrot.



Initially from Rennes, Caroline studied at Olivier de Serres, the famous Parisian design school. This talented illustrator is the author of all Les Charmettes’ website illustrations. A home portraitist, she enjoys drawing houses from home or far away because each tells its own story… This is the ideal gift if you like to offer something personal for a special occasion (Christmas, house-warming party…). Within three weeks, based on supplied pictures, she will present you with a faithful portrait of your house, with her own personal touch. The 17x27cm drawings are set in 30×40 cm white frames.
Price: 250€ (per item P&P included).


Les girouettes des Charmettes

Les Charmettes displays its whirligigs on its terrace. They come alive with each breath of the wind. Let me introduce you to Hector the swimmer, Benjamin the sailor, Priscilla the siren and Nemo the clownfish who are Les Charmettes’ mascots. They are tamed within our family before leaving us to liven and decorate your garden or balcony.

The prices range from 45€ for a small model to 60€ for a large one.


Les Charmettes’ Tote bags

Designed by Les Charmettes for our charming guests, they are made of organic cotton 340 g/m2 with long handles (60 cm). This strong tote bag is the perfect accessory to go shopping or for the beach. Fastened by a pretty nautical button, our bag is very versatile with a different pattern on each side: on one side, our mascot, Hector the swimmer and on the other side, the starlet bathing beauties. You may choose from red, blue or beige on unbleached cotton in a 40 x 40 cm size. Price 18 euros for the bag. Do enquire within the hotel.


Raphael’s jams

It is as a child in his grandmother’s kitchen that Raphael first learned how to make delicious jams. He later decided to become a professional craftsman jam maker. His workshop is situated near Saint Malo so we are talking local products here! His secret: only the best fruit, picked only when fully ripe and a short cooking time in a copper basin. At Les Charmettes, we fell for his jams’ fantastic flavours which we serve for breakfast but which are also for sale in our boutique.